Daily record 6 years after benzodiazepine withdrawal

benzodiazepine withdrawal

※I am translating now
looking forward to※

I jumped out of the futon, opened the curtain a little and got sunlight in my eyes.

… how can I make money
I wonder if I can increase it even a little
Head to my smartphone, pc and book everyday.

On weekday mornings
While I look at various charts, I sell stocks,exchanges and cryptocurrencies with higher prices,
and buy back the cheaper ones.

Such a life
I have been doing it for years.

My younger child became 20 years old

My children were innocent, but when I noticed,
my son started living alone and my daughter turned 20.

My younger daughter became 20 years old.
When this kid was 2 years old, I became a single and I couldn’t imagine today’s day, but when I think about it, 20 years have passed in no time.
The next 20 years should be past in no time too.
I would like to enjoy the rest of my life, thanking all of you for supporting me.

— Arigato (@ AIemma3moon) June 7, 2021

Somehow it feels like the beginning of the rest of my life.
I have a small life.
Therefore, although it was a small income, I was able to save enough to manage even if I fell asleep for a while.

There were lots of tips to make money on the internet

There are many ways to make money on the internet

This is my frank impression now.

The beginning was here ↓.

You can do any of them.
Just choose what you want to do.
Things that you can enjoy so much and that are not difficult to continue
While researching and improving, just keep doing it while having fun little by little every day.

Because no one tells you to do this

Choose by yourself
Make your own decision
You have no choice but to proceed on your own.

It is necessary to continue patiently without giving up

People who make money from the Internet may seem comfortable, but in reality it requires a tremendous amount of steady work.
The same is true for financial traders who are often said to be earning money without sweating.
Despite the uncertain future, they believe it and are doing a fair amount of work.

Decide this as what you do every day.
For example, just holding a tool, just opening the homepage, just drawing a line, just reading one line, etc.
Then naturally you can continue what you want to continue.
You only have to do that! You can continue by deciding in advance the minimum unit.
If you complete that minimum unit before going to bed, the continuation will be successful.

Paradoxically, you shouldn’t overdo it at first.

I feel that everything is an investment activity

Try to save as much as you can, and spend the extra money on things that you can expect to bring a positive percentage.

If you do so, those numbers will grow little by little, albeit up and down. I think that daily consumption behavior and how to use time are also investments in a sense.

You can find lots of polite explanations on how to sell goods and data over the internet and how to buy and sell stocks and exchanges from small amounts on the internet.

If you come across information that you want to know more, you can even pay someone who knows it and learn more about it.

But whether or not you can use it to increase the number named money is something you do or don’t do.
And it’s about whether you can keep walking without giving up hope when you can’t see the initial results.
And whether you can continue without giving up.
And whether you can limit your risk without being swayed by short-term desires.

Whether or not the numbers can be captured as a percentage even when the investment funds are small.

If you can capture them as a percentage, it’s like a game of increasing numbers.

Just do this.

Maybe I couldn’t have hope without the internet

There were many pioneers on the internet who could teach us these things.

From such pioneers, I was generously advised that this should happen next time, and that I should be careful about this.
Thanks to that, I was able to believe in the future.

I am full of gratitude to those people.

I learned how to make money using the internet, and I was able to save a little because of that.
So now I feel that things like anxiety about money have become a little softer than before.

The reason is that if I’m in trouble with money, I can find ideas for making money on the internet.
If I picked it all up, it would be a huge amount that would run out of time for me.


Let’s talk about the rest of our lives

Now, let’s talk about my rest of my life.

I’m accumulating miles.

Recently, I am concerned about miles due to the flow of points acquisition activities.

Interested in world affairs by investing, I want to see the world! I came to think so.
However, until now, I was afraid that my money would decrease, so I couldn’t go abroad much.

I had to save money for my children.

But I think it’s time to start using it little by little.
Because, I feel that life is about to end sooner than one might think.

For a good life, I’m thinking of making a list of things I want to do before I die and starting to digest it!

And that doesn’t mean retiring. I love the investments and businesses that have given me hope, so it will be an attempt to master the investments and businesses.

I will apply points acquisition activities here as well

The first thing I started recently is that I started accumulating points called d points through point sites and so on.
These d points can be redeemed for JAL miles at a 1/2 conversion rate.
It is also possible to prevent the points from expiring by holding d points while investing as they are.
I’ve already got about 60,000 miles. (I’m surprised myself)

spgアメックス (公式リンク※ご検討中の方は紹介経由で作った方がお得なのでこの後を読み進めてね※)というクレジットカードを作りました。↓こういうカード

This credit card can accumulate points that can be exchanged for miles, and if I use it even once a year, I can continue to accumulate points without expiring, so I thought it was perfect for my long-term plan.

年会費は3万ちょっとかかるのですが(Marriott Bonvoy アメリカン・エキスプレス・カードにリニューアルされ49,500円になりました)、






※ご検討中の方ご注意ください(2022.02.08追記です) 大型リニューアル告知あり。詳細はhttps://www.americanexpress.com/ja-jp/credit-cards/card-types/both-marriott_bonvoy-mclp/index.html?sourcecode=A0000FVHHU&sourcecode1=A0000FVHHV&CPID=100470242&extlink=ja-jp-maxpr2022 をご確認下さい。※








    Let’s get back to the story

    With that in mind, I started accumulating points that could be converted into miles, mainly for going abroad, and I made a credit card.
    From the second year onwards, the free nights I receive are valid for one year, so unless I change my mind and cancel the contract, I will be able to plan my trip and realize my trip.

    If I try to cover everything with cash, I might hesitate to travel because of my personality, so I tried this.


    It was a record six years after the withdrawal of psychiatric drugs (mainly benzodiazepines at the end).

    It is now difficult to remember the heaviness of the body when taking medication.
    However, I thought that this was the end of my body’s recovery, but I feel that my body and brain are still recovering little by little.

    At night, I’m sleepy and sleepy, and I’m dying to fall asleep.
    And I wake up very naturally in the morning.
    I never thought that such a day would come.

    It took me several years to stop relying on sleeping pills and regain my ability to sleep.
    But lately, I can remember how sleepy I was when I went to bed.

    My personality is easy to get anxious and nervous, but that’s my personality. That’s just a small problem for me to live.

    It’s been a while since the previous article, so the text has become so long.

    Thanks for reading to the end.

    see you next time.

    in conclusion

    I kept relying on Buyer M to purchase for internet sales, but I bought coins that have been appraised from the overseas site ebay and started selling them in Japan.
    ↓Something like this.

    I like this method because it can be used for both physical investment and sales of imported products, and it doesn’t feel like inventory.

    Since it is imported from an overseas site, I have already experienced some troubles in this short period of time.

    It’s an episode about this coin. illustrated by むすめちゃん。

    I’m going to write a lot about such things.

    インターネット物販に10年近く携わっていますが、仕入れに関してビジネスパートナーであるバイヤーMに頼りっぱなしでした。 自分自身での仕入れルートを確保したい 自分でも仕入れルートを開拓したい思いはずっとありましたが、古物商の資格の件などひっ

    I think that what I cooked recently is delicious (self-praise ~( *´艸`))
    It was very difficult to even make fried rice when I was sick.
    I am deeply moved about that.

    I recently realized that writing about myself makes me feel healed because I can objectively understand what I’m thinking.

    Part of an article in the benzodiazepine withdrawal and subsequent series




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    benzodiazepine withdrawal